Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm running out of magnets...

Since the MySpace days faded, I really haven't found a place to purge.  Writing is how I let it all hang out, and scatter my thoughts to the winds of cyberspace til they come back making some kind of sense.  I needed to find a place to collect my thoughts again, so here I am.

I named the blog "Notes From My Fridge", because everyone who comes to my house always comments on the inspirational tidbits I have stuck here and there.  Since my kitchen is a pretty popular gathering place, that is a lot of reading going on.

It's true, words inspire me.  I love quotes, poems, magazine articles, news headlines...anything that really makes me stop and think.  When I find something really amazing, I cut it out, and stick it on my fridge.

So, thanks for stopping by...I hope you'll follow along.  Some days you'll find all kinds of fresh insights, and some days it may be a case of "what's that smell?" as I'm trying to identify mystery leftovers, but either way, I promise what you'll get is honest, from the heart Tanya.

Ahhhh, a fresh new blog!  I feel better already!


  1. love it! can't wait to follow along and catch up...i have started right (ok sporadically) i'm adding you to my favorites! love you tons! miss you even more!

  2. Ah, Ame, I miss you!! This running thing is BRUTAL. HOW do you do it, and more importantly, how will *I*???
    Going to keep up with you, too :)